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Frustrated? Misunderstood? Embarrassed?
You are used to being able to solve problems. You are resourceful, so you’ve probably tried reading books on how to speak English like an American, watching videos on YouTube, and maybe working through a home study course.You might have even just waited, hoping that your accent would magically go away. But it didn’t … at least not as much as you’d hoped.Sure, you can make yourself understood well enough to survive, but you didn’t get the results you were really looking for — the ability to be easily understood, be respected, and feel confident at work and among friends. It’s hard when you know you are well-educated but you can’t always get your point across clearly. You have to repeat yourself or wonder if the other person really understood you — or was just too polite to say anything.Sometimes, you don’t get the jokes your co-workers tell, or you miss the point of your boss’s presentation because he was using expressions that just didn’t make sense. You may be secretly worrying that you will miss a job opportunity or promotion because of your accented English pronunciation.You want to speak English like an American, but you just don’t feel like you fit in. You are proud of your heritage and culture, yet you want to be part of the English speaking culture where you now live. You don’t want to give up your past, but you want to find a way to blend that with your present situation.You have discovered that cultures vary widely, and you’re just not sure how to act or what to say. It’s not just about using correct English pronunciation, but also about feeling at ease.It’s embarrassing not to know how to greet others, carry on conversations, and handle miscommunications. You just want it to be easier.
I can show you how to …Feel Confident! I can show you how to …Feel Connected! I can show you how to …Feel Comfortable!