Spring Has Sprung: A Fun Poem for Pronunciation Practice

In the last couple of weeks, spring has suddenly burst into life, with fresh green leaves and beautiful new flowers appearing daily in my yard. Every spring, I am reminded of a silly poem that I heard growing up. I mention it here to give you a taste of American culture, and also because of the fun pronunciation practice. You can download an audio below to hear the correct American English pronunciation.

You need a few pieces of information to better understand the poem. First, ris is a shortened form of risen. It is not grammatically correct, but the poet used it to make the lines rhyme. Second, whitewash is a liquid similar to white paint that is not used much in the US anymore. (Hint: the poet is not talking about actual whitewash). Third, a sissy is someone who is afraid or a coward.

Here is the poem:

Spring has sprung;
The grass has ris.
I wonder where
The birdie is?
There he is
In the sky.
He dropped some
Whitewash in my eye!

I am no sissy;
I won’t cry.
I’m just glad
That cows can’t fly!

Did you get it? I hope it made you laugh a little. And I hope you are enjoying a beautiful, glorious spring day!

Don’t forget to download the audio below of the American English pronunciation of this poem. When you practice, try to make your pronunciation and intonation match mine. And make sure you get your FREE guide, How to Speak English Like an American, by visiting www.losemyaccent.com

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