Get Rid of the Speech Blocks in your American Pronunciation!

Have you ever set a goal that you want to reach, but you have been blocked from accomplishing it by unexpected obstacles? Many of us had some unexpected schedule changes this week due to the snow or ice. Lots of people were stuck at home because the ice made driveways and roads impossible to navigate. They were blocked from following their original schedule and forced to change their plans.

So, how do you respond when meeting your goal isn’t as easy as you thought it would be? Maybe it takes longer than you thought, it’s harder than you expected, and you’re not seeing the results you wanted. What do you do? Do you give up or do you press on, knowing that the end results will be worth the effort?

Perhaps you are like some of my clients who start accent reduction training with high motivation and great anticipation. Often, several weeks into the course, they hit the unexpected block of a stubborn habit or well-ingrained muscle memory pattern that just won’t change as easily as they had hoped. Like the ice storm that stops our intended progress and changes our plans, these old speech habits can stop you from making the progress that you thought you would make. But, you have a choice – you can give up and decide that it’s just too hard. Or, you can press on and keep practicing until you master that new American pronunciation and you meet the goal of clearer speech that you’ve always wanted.

For some of you, the blocks happen before you even get started. You’re afraid that changing your accent will be too hard, too much work, or too expensive. I want to show you how to get through those mental blocks and get started on the path to clearer, easier speech.

You can’t break through those blocks if you don’t try, and your speech probably isn’t going to get clearer on its own. You need a guide, a coach who can work with you, encourage you, and help ensure that you meet your accent reduction goals. To encourage you to push through those blocks and start working towards your goals, I want to make you a special offer.

I want to help you solve your most frustrating “speech block”. What is the one thing that always embarrasses you about your speech? Which words or sounds do you avoid saying because they’re just too hard?

Let’s work on it together so you can get rid of that frustration. Wouldn’t that be a great feeling?

I’m going to give you a free 15 minute consultation with me (a $25 value!), but I only have room in my schedule for 20 people. So, if you’re ready to end your frustration with your American pronunciation, then e-mail me right now at lisa at losemyaccent dot com so you can claim one of those spots.

I can’t wait to clear up those speech blocks and give you the gift of clearer speech!

To claim one of the 20 free consultations, e-mail me at lisa at losemyaccent dot com and put “Get Rid of my Speech Blocks!” in the subject line.

Shattered Glass, Shattered Dreams, and Accent Reduction Classes

What do shattered glass, shattered dreams, and accent reduction classes have in common? A lot — if you look at the end result. While traveling over the holiday weekend, our family was caught behind several backups on the interstate. Trying to take a shortcut, we started down a smaller road where a deer suddenly jumped at the side of our van, shattering the window in the sliding door. Although it was scary at first, no one was hurt.

We had thought it would be easier and quicker to go down a different road, but our expectations were suddenly shattered. Riding home for several hours with a plastic bag taped over the hole, we gave up on conversation because the wind noise was deafening. Its constant presence weighed on us the entire way, and we couldn’t wait to get home and have a new, quiet window installed.

It made me think about some people I know who came to America as second-language English speakers expecting to blend in easily, not realizing that their accented speech would be an obstacle to their success. They had studied English for years, knew all the grammar rules, and felt secure in their ability to communicate. But, once they got here, people misunderstood them and kept asking them to repeat themselves, and their expectations shattered around them much like the glass in that van window.

At that point, they had two choices. They could put tape over the shattered windows of their dreams, fighting to be heard above the wind noise of their heavy accent.

Or, they could recognize that life wasn’t exactly how they expected it would be, but that they could create a better life for themselves by replacing those shattered dreams with new ones. By taking accent reduction classes, some of them learned to reduce their accent and make their speech much clearer than before. Instead of struggling to be understood, they can now communicate clearly and easily with those around them. The shattered dreams are gone and have been replaced by new, clear speech patterns and new dreams of success.

Which choice have you made? Are you struggling to get through each day, repeating yourself and feeling more and more defeated as the “noise” of your accent drowns out what you really want to say? Or, have you taken steps to reduce that noise, to improve your pronunciation, and open up the path to clearer communication?

Don’t settle for less than what you had hoped for. You deserve to be heard and not to be drowned out by your accent. It’s time to put aside your shattered dreams and replace them with a window of hope. By taking accent reduction classes, you can get rid of the “wind noise” in your speech and begin communicating clearly and easily. That’s a dream that really can come true.