Celebrating Friendship in Tumultuous Times

Our world has suffered much heartache this year… perhaps not more than any other time in the history of humanity, but with news available to us nearly instantaneously from around the globe, it seems that way. Violence and suffering weighs heavily on the minds of all people who hope and pray for peace, health, and safety.

Friendship Title

Through my American pronunciation instruction, I’ve been lucky enough to work with wonderful individuals from all over the world… people who also long for peace between all nations.

It starts with US – you and I, choosing to think the best of one another, in friendship!

Please accept these heartfelt wishes of friendship and love in honor of the International Day of Friendship on July 30. To everyone reading this around the world, may we all continue be friends to each other in our online interactions and those around us in our daily lives, the whole year through.

Please share your own message of friendship and peace on your favorite social media sites!

It may seem like only a small step – but it may be the most important step, if all of us shared this with one another.

I leave you with a quote from Mother Teresa:


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Summertime Sounds: The difference between ‘S’ and ‘SH’

We’re in the middle of summer now, and most of us (especially if we’re landlocked) dream of heading to the beach this time of year. Hearing the crashing waves… getting the sand in your toes… soaking up the sunshine… Americans love enjoying the beach as much as everyone around the world.

A popular beach-inspired “tongue twister” (a phrase that is difficult to say) goes like this:

She sells seashells by the seashore

Not even most Americans can say that quickly without switching up the ‘S’ and ‘SH’ sounds!

-She Sells Seashells- LI

So let’s use this little phrase to hear and practice the difference between the ‘S’ and ‘SH’ sounds… an important distinction no matter what the season.

And with practice, you just may be able to say this phrase “ten times fast,” as Americans like to challenge each other to do with tongue twisters!

Don’t stop with my video… use these other beach-themed words to practice the ‘S’ and ‘SH’ sounds.

Practice Saying (1)

Practice Saying (2)

Practice Saying (3)

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Have a safe summer season in the sunshine! (Say that ten times fast!)


America Needs Your Voice


Happy 4th

It’s said that America is a melting pot of the nations, and the diversity that the cultures of the world bring here is what makes it unique. I love that professionals from all over the world can work here together. And I want to tell you – the beauty of America is that you don’t need to be born here to impact your co-workers, your friends, your cities, your field of work or study, and beyond. America needs voices and insight from cultures around the globe… that means you!

Probably the most common way to celebrate July 4th is with outdoor barbecues spent with family and friends… and everyone’s favorite, fireworks! But underneath the holiday festivities, Americans are truly proud of the freedoms we enjoy – freedom of speech being one of the most cherished, and certainly very close to my heart. So today on Independence Day, I want to share about your freedom of speech in America, how we need your intelligence and ideas, and how your speech can bring about freedom!

Happy Independence Day… and I hope this holiday reminds you that you are important to America!

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