Transitions: Graduation, Guatemala, and Great- Grandmother

A new school. A new country. A new life.

Leaving behind the old and embracing the unknown new. That has been our family’s recent reality.

In recent weeks, we have graduated our first child from high school, sent him on his first plane ride for his first experience in a developing country, and said our last good-byes to his 101 year old great-grandmother as she begins her new life in a better place. Soon we will take him to his new home – and new life- at college as we adjust to a new normal with one fewer face at the dinner table each night.

What transitions have you faced in your life? New job? New country? New language and culture?

A time of leaving behind the old and embracing the unknown new.

But what if you don’t WANT to leave behind the old and embrace the new? Maybe the transition wasn’t your choice. Or maybe it didn’t turn out the way you expected. Maybe it’s more work and less fun than you had hoped. Perhaps you’re tired of the language barrier. Maybe you feel like you don’t fit in yet…and you wonder if you ever will.

May I share something that I have found helpful during those unsure times? In the book of Philippians, Paul says, “Forgetting what is behind and straining for what is ahead, I press on toward the goal”

Wise words for any transition in our lives.

“Forgetting what is behind” doesn’t literally mean to forget, but to put it in the back of our thoughts and not to think about it all the time. We can focus on what we have lost, the things in our past that are gone, or we can look ahead to the wonderful opportunities in front of us.

While I am sad not to have my son around every day now, I am excited for him and all the new experiences he will have in the coming months, and I am thrilled for his great-grandmother who is now in a place where her crippling arthritis and breathing problems are no more.

I am also excited to share with you something that I think will give you a reason to press on toward your goal of speaking English more easily. If you are tired of the language and culture transitions in your life and ready to look ahead towards clearer communication, then you will love what is coming this month!

July is Freedom of Speech month and in honor of that, I am giving away free speech coaching all month long! Yes, that’s right. During the month of July , I am setting aside several hours each week just for you to answer your most pressing speech problems.

Want the details on how to get your free coaching session?

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