Are You Willing to Take the Risk?

Years of hard work … people calling you crazy … putting your life at risk … trying to do something others said can’t be done … is it worth it? Apparently, Orville and Wilbur Wright thought so.

Today, August 19, we celebrate National Aviation Day in honor of the Wright brothers who got their first airplane to take flight in 1903. These brothers had a dream and they were determined to make it happen. They knew that if they studied hard enough, they could figure it out. Do you know what they studied?


Birds fly effortlessly and without thought, masters of their craft. If you want to learn how to do something well, the best thing to do is to copy a master. So, the Wright brothers studied birds, the structure of their wings, and the way they flew, and applied these principles to their airplane wings.

If you want to do something well, find a master to learn from. If you want to learn to fly, study the birds. If you want to learn to ski, learn from professional skiers. And if you want to learn to speak English more clearly, learn it from a native speaker who knows how it sounds and how it works.

Sure, there is a risk involved in working on your pronunciation. You might make a mistake while learning a new sound; in fact, you probably will. Most people do. But is that a reason not to try?

And yes, a colleague might ask you to repeat yourself or laugh at you when the new word that sounded so good in class didn’t come out right at all in conversation.

But, chances are, if you work hard, you will see improvement in your speech. You will speak English more clearly and others will understand you better. Your confidence will improve and you will begin to believe that you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

I want to partner with you as you take that risk and feel the thrill of accomplishment in your pronunciation skills.

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If you’re willing to take that risk, the rewards will be worth it; I promise! So don’t wait to reserve your place; space is limited and I don’t want you to miss out !

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