Nothing excites me more than helping someone find a solution to a frustrating communication problem. Whether they need to articulate more clearly or understand the nuances of our language, my clients tell me that I teach them techniques that no one has ever told them before and that make a huge difference in daily communication. It thrills me to see brilliant professionals finally able to live up to their potential because their language and pronunciation barriers are gone.

If you are concerned about your American English pronunciation, I would love to talk with you about how we can work together to improve it. Thanks to the wonderful technology of the internet, you can work with me over Skype from Europe or Asia as easily as you can meet with me in person. In fact, it’s probably even easier, since you’re in the comfort and privacy of your home or office and you have no commute to get here.

I am often asked how I got started working in accent reduction, and I think it all started with a love of languages that I’ve had since I was a child. Because of that love for communication, I pursued a degree in Speech Pathology and have spent the last 20 years helping children and adults overcome a variety of communication barriers. I’m excited to be doing what I love, which is helping others to communicate clearly as they pursue their calling in the world.

You can read my credentials below:

Lisa has a Bachelor’s Degree from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA and a Master’s Degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

She also holds the following certifications:

  • Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association
  • Certified instructor of the Compton P-ESL Accent Modification program
  • Certified provider of The Listening Program, a music-based auditory stimulation method
  • Licensed presenter for The National Center for Biblical Parenting
  • Certified Parent Advisor through the SKI-HI network
  • Certified provider of the VIISA and AHEAD early intervention programs

To set up a free consultation with Lisa, please e-mail moc.t1560769925necca1560769925ymeso1560769925l@asi1560769925l1560769925 or call +1.865.924.5144.