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Accent Optimization Home Study Program

Only $297

What is the Accent Optimization Home Study Program?

It is my newest program designed to give you an affordable and personalized approach to improving your American pronunciation.

How does it work?

This program is a combination of working one on one with me and intensive study on your own. It starts with an assessment of your speech so that I can design a customized plan with exactly the sounds that you need to practice – not a generic list that is the same for everyone. You get all the practice materials you need and private coaching with me to be sure that you are practicing correctly. It’s the perfect combination!

What’s included?

  • Your Personalized Accent Assessment
  • A list of your top 10 sounds to work on
  • 3 private 30 minute sessions over Skype
  • access to my proprietary software both on your computer and your smartphone
  • all the audio files you need for practice
  • all the handouts you need for practice
  • a copy of my e-book, Accent Optimization 101

Bonus #1: You have the option within the first three months to upgrade to one of my private coaching classes and apply the entire cost of the Home Study Program towards that course!

Bonus #2 : You will be enrolled in my Six Weeks to Confident English video course at no extra charge! (A $47 value!)

Sound like what you’ve been looking for? Let’s get started!

Accent Optimization Home Study Program

Only $297