Southern Accent

Self-conscious about  your Southern accent?

Worried what others might think of it?

Maybe they use words like “cute” or “charming.”

Are you concerned that you are not taken seriously?

The focus seems to be on how you speak instead of what you say.

You don’t want to give up your Southern culture, but you do want to be respected for your knowledge and skills.

What’s a good Southern guy or gal to do?

You need to learn a technique called code-switching!


“I felt my southern accent negatively influenced the way I was viewed, both professionally and socially. Lisa taught me the English standard in all of my Southern-influenced sounds. She also provided an online program to allow me to practice the new strategies she had taught me. I now feel much more equipped to present my ideas and engage in discussions, knowing that people will be more focused on the content of what I say, rather than my accent.”    Kristin A. 

As a speech pathologist trained in accent reduction, I have a system to identify the sounds and patterns in your speech that differ from standard American English. When we work together, I teach you to hear those sounds in your own speech and change them to the standard pronunciation.

But you don’t have to give up your Southern accent. Now you get to choose when to use it.

So, in a corporate meeting you can speak with a more neutral American accent. But, at home around your friends, you speak the way you always have. Code switching allows you to feel comfortable in both environments without giving up your heritage or hindering your professional development.

It really is the best of both worlds.

Like anything worth doing, there is no quick fix. You do have to practice to see a difference. The good news is that it usually takes just a few weeks of instruction to learn the new techniques and begin to practice them in your everyday work environment. A few weeks of practice to develop a life-long skill — seems like a worthwhile trade-off, don’t you think?

Read what my client Laura said about her experience working with me:

I came to Lisa after a particularly frustrating encounter at a business conference in Florida. Working in sales for a global corporation, I was constantly getting comments about my accent when I traveled. Most of them were kind in nature but sometimes I was bullied because of my accent. I was very frustrated because I felt that people weren’t listening to WHAT I was saying, but HOW I was saying it.  It was extremely hurtful to be bullied by other professional adults about something I felt like I couldn’t control. After working with Lisa for 6 weeks, I feel much more confident speaking to people from other areas. I still have an accent but I am now confident it’s something I can regulate. While I am very proud of my southern Appalachian heritage, I want people to know more about me than just where I’m from. This course really gave me the confidence I needed to not be self-conscious when speaking in professional settings.

Want to gain that same confidence that Laura now has when she speaks? Southern accent reduction can make a difference for you, too! Click on the link below to take a FREE accent screening. I will email you back, usually within 48 business hours, to share the results.

Ready to get started sooner? Just give me a call at +1.865.924.5144 and let’s set up a time to talk.

I want to learn to code-switch with my Southern Accent!